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Travel guide to Iran

Iran is very beautiful and has all the natural and most important historical attractions in its heart. From sea and forest to desert and mountain areas that can cover and be exciting for any kind of taste. wherever you are from, you will not be bored in this country. Rich history, unique nature, and many attractions that appeal to all ages.

Tehran, the metropolis and capital of Iran, is also the 25th most populous city in the world. This city leads from the north to the mountainous areas and from the south to the desert areas, and as a result, the north and south have different climates. This city consists of an amazing combination of modernity and traditional structure. The city of Tehran, a city with an origin of thousands of years, was once the capital of Persian land, which is considered to be south of Tehran today.


Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran and one of the most important cities in this country. This city welcomes many tourists every year due to having the eighth imam of the Shiite religion. Today, this city is known as one of the busiest cities in Iran and the Middle East in terms of tourism.


The turquoise gem of the world is the beautiful city of Isfahan, which is an ancient city in the center of Iran, and after Tehran and Mashhad, it is also considered the third most populated city in the country. Similarly, Isfahan is the second most tourist-friendly city after Mashhad and attracts many tourists every year. This city, with its beautiful Islamic architecture, palaces, covered bridges, famous mosques and unique minarets, made it take the title of half of the world in Iranian culture.

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Another one of the most important and spectacular cities in Iran is called Shiraz. The city which is known as the city of lovers and according to many tourists, it is the tourist gem of Iranian cities. It is safe to say that Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and the birthplace of great poets such as Saadi and Hafez.

And Yazd, the first adobe city in the world and the second historical city after Venice, Italy. Hearing these two features is enough to make Yazd one of the main tourist destinations in Iran. This city attracts many travelers with its countless historical monuments.

Kish, the pearl of the Persian Gulf and a beautiful Iranian island located in the south of the country. It has a beautiful and unique nature and calm beaches covered with coral sands and clear and transparent sea water that makes it possible to observe all kinds of aquatic life in the depths.


Kermanshah, Bushehr, Ardabil, Tabriz, Kashan, Urmia, Kerman, the northern regions of the country and many other cities are among the most important and spectacular cities in Iran.

Kerman is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, which has about 7,000 historical attractions, and 700 of these beautiful atractions have been registered in the list of national monuments. Similarly, this city is considered among the 5 historical cities of Iran.

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