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Iran is one of the historical and beautiful countries of the Middle East, which is visited and chosen by many tourists from all over the world every year.
Iranatour is a company that invites you to visit Iran and makes Iran tour easy by providing Iran tour services and obtaining a Iran visa.

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    Iran visa application

    Trespassing through Iran’s borders requires acquiring an Iran visa. This rule applies to travelling across Iran’s borders as well. Therefore, to enter our country, foreigners must obtain an Iran visa.
    Applicants must apply through the Iranian embassy in different countries worldwide. However, the acquiring procedure may differ depending on the applicant’s country of residence.

    For example, American, British, and Canadian citizens have a more comprehensive process for acquiring their visas among other countries. Citizens of Israel cannot have an Iran visa.

    But on the other hand, the people of Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Egypt, Bolivia, and Venezuela, are dismissed from having Iran visas.

    This means these citizens can enter our country without acquiring a ticket and reside here for a specific time.

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    The people of Turkey, Armenia, and Syria for three months, Citizens of Azerbaijan and Bolivia for one month, Egyptians for 20 days, and people of Venezuela for 15 days are allowed to stay in Iran without a visa. And if these individuals decide to further their stay, they must apply for residency.


    According to what’s been said, people worldwide have different procedures for acquiring an Iran visa.

    But in any case, one of the most important things that all applicants must keep in mind is selecting the proper type of visa they’re applying for.

    According to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s laws, depending on the individual’s purpose of travel, different types of visas will be issued, giving specific privileges to anyone receiving them.

    Therefore, all individuals must select a suitable visa type depending on their purpose of travel to Iran.

    Suppose the visa type isn’t aligned with the person’s purpose of travel to Iran.
    In that case, the embassy will prevent that individual from having an Iran visa, even if there are no errors in the presented documents.

    So, selecting the proper visa type has an essential impact on receiving the visa.

    Thus, we will be introducing all the visa types below.

    Visa types

    As stated before, according to Iran visa issuing laws, the requested visa type must match the individual’s purpose of travel to Iran. Mismatch in the purpose of travel and the request visa type will result in revoking the applicant’s request. So identifying and selecting the right visa type is an important step in the procedure of acquiring an Iran visa.
    In general, the Iranian embassy offers 13 different types of visas for the foreign tourist that we will mention in the list below:

    . Tourist visas issued for foreign tourists.
    . Special visas for scientific or sports teams and groups, which are also issued as multiples.

    . pilgrimage visa, issued to applicants who travel to Iran with the intention of pilgrimage.

    . The study visa is for students, students, and students of religious sciences who intend to continue their studies in Iran.

    . A work visa that is assigned to people who travel for work. It should be noted that the Iranian government is very strict in issuing work visas for nationals of some countries.

    . A business visa is for natural or legal individuals who travel to Iran in order to conclude business contracts.

    . Multiple visas are issued to businessmen who need to enter Iran several times within a certain time frame.

    • Transit visas are granted to flight attendants, train crews, etc., who do not
      intend to stay in Iran and are only supposed to pass through Iran to reach
      their destination. It should be noted that the maximum validity of the transit
      visa is one week.
    • Press visa is for journalists, photographers, and reporters who travel to Iran
      for news coverage.
    • A family joining visa allows people who travel to Iran to register their
      marriage or men who have Iranian wives.
    • Visa for foreign individuals with Iranian mothers, as the name suggests, is
      for foreigners with Iranian mothers.
    •  An exit visa is issued to people who have left their Iranian citizenship.
      As stated, foreigners must choose their visa type for travelling to Iran and
      then issue their request from the embassy.
    • Although the Iranian government has provided some countries’ citizens with
      the opportunity to acquire an Iran visa within international airports, this type
      of Iran visa is called an airport visa.

    Visa on arrival

    An airport visa is a tourist visa issued in the international airport in Iran for some countries’ citizens.
    Citizens of these countries can acquire airport visas:

    Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Albania, Germany, Austria, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Oman, Syria, united Arab emirates, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia,Cuba, Brunei, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Peru, Thailand, China,Greece, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Peru, Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, North Korea, Denmark, the Federation of
    Russia, Romania, Sweden, Swiss, France, Cyprus, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Mongolia and Yugoslavia.
    It is worth mentioning that an airport visa is only valid for one month and can
    only be issued within Iran’s international airport.


    Required documents for requesting an Iranian visa

    The required documents for acquiring an Iran visa can differ depending on the requested visa type. But generally, for developing any Iran visa, presenting the following documents is mandatory:

    • personal identifications
    •  legitimate passport
    • a headshot photos

    a letter of invitation from an Iranian company must be presented as well.

    As stated, if someone selects the correct visa type and presents all the required documents to the embassy will succeed in acquiring the Iranian visa.
    Depending on the visa type, an individual is allowed to stay for a specific time. After the visa expiry date, if someone wants to stay in the country further, they must apply for a renewal visa.
    In the next section, we will discuss renewing a visa.


    The extension of the Iran visa

    If for any reason, foreigners wish to stay for a more extended period, they must apply for an extension of their Iran visa. To extend their Iran visa, the foreigner must go to the station of foreign national’s police placed in the city of his residence with his guest and apply for an Iran visa extension by giving his passport to the mentioned office.

    Iran visa for American citizens

    Countries decide on the type of entry of citizens of other countries into their territory based on their relations with each other. Sometimes diplomatic ties are such that it strongly affects the type of entry and creat es restrictions.

    America is one of the countries where the access of citizens of Iran is not as easy as other countries, so it is not easy for American citizens to get Iran visas as it is for other countries.

    American citizens or people who have citizenship in this country must obtain an Iran visa before travelling to Iran.

    The conditions for obtaining an Iran visa for American citizens are slightly different from those of other countries, and the conditions are more complex, complicated and time-consuming compared to other countries. It is catchier.

    The validity of an Iran visa for American citizens is three months; with this visa, a person can stay in Iran for 30 days, and if he wishes, he can extend the visa for another 30 days. 


    Iran visa types for American citizens

    There are two types of Iran visas for American citizens:

    1. Tourist visa:

    travelling and having fun in Iran is one of the favourite things of Americans.

    That’s why many Americans want to get an Iran tourist visa. When an American person obtains an Iranian tourist visa, he can enter Iran up to 3 months later and stay in this country for up to 30 days after entering Iran.

    After the end of this period, if the person wishes to stay longer in Iran, he can extend his visa for another 30 days.

    2. Business visa:

    If an American person wants to get a work or business visa for Iran, he must spend a little more time and go through more complicated procedures.

    This person must specify complete information about the company he is going to work for, the direction he will be in and other information, and the company in question must follow up on the process of obtaining his work visa in Iran.

    Iran visa requirements for American citizens

    As said stated that Iran visas are issued for American citizens only in the form of tourist and business tours; the issuance of this tourist visa has conditions, including:

    • Carrying the father’s consent for passengers under 18 years old
    • Determining the hotel where the person is staying and the list of places he is going to visit
    • Determining the time of entering and leaving Iran
    • The passenger’s travel routes are fully identified; the person cannot travel from any other way than the routes that he specified
    • After the person’s travel plan is approved by the embassy, a companion or leader will be considered for him; this person will be with him from the beginning of the traveler’s arrival in Iran until the end of the trip. (Tour leaders have a lot of skills and have a lot of credit in the consulate)
    • It is the responsibility of the company to follow up the visa procedures for people who intend to work in an Iranian company and for people who want to see their family with their family.

    How to obtain an Iran visa for American citizens

    Obtaining an Iran visa for American citizens is a little more complex than issuing a permit for citizens of other countries.

    In addition to this, the entire visa agreement has a series of predetermined rules that must be paid attention to and followed.
    As mentioned, America is among the countries that are affected by diplomatic relations between Iran and America.

    Citizens of this country face restrictions to enter Iran, and the conditions for obtaining an Iran visa are not as easy as those of other countries.

    Therefore, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements to obtain an Iran visa, and paying attention to these factors will make you successful in obtaining an Iran visa. A few points are essential for obtaining Iran visa for American citizens Acting through a travel agency in Iran:

    • Accurately specifying the travel plan
    • Crossing the routes that are specified and mentioned in the travel plan, so they will not be allowed to cross the prohibited ways.
    • Announcing the exact date of entry and exit from the country
    • Being on time for the interview at the embassy
    • If a person is under eighteen, he must submit a consent letter from his parents to the country’s embassy.

    Finally, the most crucial point concerning obtaining an Iran visa for American citizens is that you must make sure that the documents you submit are complete and free of defects because if there are any defects in your papers, the process will be delayed. It isn’t easy to get a visa.

    Issuance of Iranian visas for American citizens

    Issuing Iran visas for American citizens is done in different ways, and by choosing one of these methods, a person can be a traveller to Iran by receiving a visa.

    In the following, we will mention some methods of obtaining an Iran visa for American citizens. Let us explain the det ails to you, dear ones.

    Issuing an Iran visa for American citizens is a little more complex than for nationals of other countries, especially issuing a tourist visa, which requires very detailed information from the applicant to travel to Iran.

    In some cases, the process of issuing a visa may take several months; it is even possible that the American person will have problems after receiving his visa and entering Iran; Therefore, it is better to find out about the  procedures and documents required for issuing a visa before getting an Iran visa for American citizens.


    How to extend Iranian visas for American citizens

    If a person wants to stay in Iran longer than the validity period of his visa, he must extend it a few days before the visa expires. For this purpose, one must:

    • First, go to the police center for foreign nationals in big cities or 10+ police offices in small towns and apply for an extension of your visa. Tehran has a national police center on Shahr Ara Street and another on Valiasr Street, above Zaratasht Street, on the corner of Javed Street.
    • Then the applicant explains to the head of the national police officer why his trip is longer and gets his confirmation. If the trip is for a business person, he must bring an application letter from the host company to extend his visa.
    • Submits the following documents to the National Police Office personnel:

    1.    4×3 color photo (2 pieces)
    2. Passport (both the original passport and a copy of all its pages)
    3. Filling out the visa extension request form
    4. The confirmation that the person received from the head of the national police office
    5. The cost of visa extension at National Bank, the amount of which is available on our website
    6. Entry stamp
    7. The host company’s written request to extend the individual’s visa if he has a business visa
    • If there is no particular problem, the person’s visa will be extended on the same day

    • National police offices operate from Saturday to Saturday 4th, from 7:30 am
      to 2:30 pm and on Saturday 5th, from 8:00 am to 11:30 am.
    • These offices will be closed on holidays.
    • In the early morning hours, these centers are quiet, and the client’s work is
      done earlier.
    • To renew a visa, a person must visit the national police offices in person

    Documents required to obtain Iran visa for American citizens

    • Providing a scan of the first page of the passport
    • Paying ten per cent of the tour fee
    • Providing work and education records of the applicant
    • Providing a scan of the national card and birth certificate
    • Providing a scan of the personal photo of the whole face of the applicant based on the requirements set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    • Providing the profile of the inviter
    • Submission of completed visa application forms
    • Having a valid passport with at least six months of validity
    • Specific and detailed itinerary
    • Booking the hotels that you intend to stay in those cities
    • Complete the Iran visa form accurately

    iran visa for Europen

    Essential points in obtaining Iran tourist visa for American citizens

    The validity period of an Iran visa for American citizens is for three months, and the citizens of this country can stay in Iran for up to 30 days.

    If reconfirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this amount can be increased to 60 days.

    It is complicated to issue this type of visa for American citizens individually and primarily outside of a tourist tour, and it is recommended to apply for a tourist visa through a travel agency in Iran.

    It should be mainly a tourist tour of Iran, hence any leader tour. They cannot accompany American tourists applying for a trip to Iran, and tour leaders approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran can accompany them.

    Irana Tour is by your side from the time of obtaining a visa to visiting Iran and finishing the trip. You can see the Irana website and contact our experts for more information.

    Iran visa for European citizens

    Iran visa law for European citizens means on what basis citizens of other countries can enter and reside in Iran. Indeed, such a law is not the same for all countries. For example, this option may take several months for American citizens, but countries like Malaysia can easily benefit from an Iran visa.

    Iran visa conditions for European citizens

    There are two ways to get an Iran visa for European citizens.

    In the first method, you must personally apply for an Iran visa for European citizens. This method has a series of options in front of you that may seem difficult to you. Keep in mind that you are unaware of the details in this field, and any negligence will be a problem.

    It doesn’t seem reasonable.

    The second method is easier for people who want to get an Iran visa. Using a travel agency with the necessary licenses in this field can bring results much faster.

    Our suggestion is to use expert teams in this field. Our advisors at Irana Tour
    can quickly get you to your goal at the lowest price.


    Iran visa for European citizens through an invitation letter

    People in Iran can send an invitation letter to a foreigner through a travel agency.

    A confirmation number will be sent to the consulate department if this form is approved. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to ship this verification number.

    People looking for an urgent visa can reduce this time to 3 days.
    Iran visa for European citizens is generally valid for three months, which means that after three months, the applicant cannot enter Iran.

    After entering Iran, the applicant can stay in this country for 30 days.

    If necessary, he can apply for a visa extension. If a person disobeys Iran visa rules, he will not be allowed to renew his Iran visa.
    The issue that can be seen in this regard is whether the Republic of Iran is free to issue Iran visa for European citizens or not, and no objections will be made in this direction.

    The rules mentioned in this section are only for short-term visas, and a series of other principles are provided for people looking for long-term visas.

    Iran’s long-term visas are offered in three months, six months, and one year. The rules for each of the declared types are different.

    Iran visa for British citizens

    Considering the wide acceptance of British citizens to travel to Iran and visit its various regions.

    we decided to provide you with an article on how to issue an Iran visa for British citizens.

    British citizens must follow specific rules and regulations to obtain an Iran visa.

    If they follow these rules, they can quickly get Iran visas and enjoy their trip to Iran

    iran visa for british citizen

    Issuance of Iran airport visa for British citizens

    ran airport visa is issued to citizens of certain countries; one of the countries that can receive an airport visa is England.

    Those applicants from the UK who want to receive a tourist visa for Iran must personally submit the required documents to the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Completing and submitting the Iran visa application form is required to receive an airport visa.

    One of the documents that must be submitted to receive a visa is the invitation number. This number must be received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Another document required to obtain a visa is to submit a 4×3 photo.

    The photo sent must be without glasses, hats, scarves or any other accessories. Note that the image must be new and related to the last six months.

    A valid passport with a validity of six months is another requirement that a person must send to obtain an Iran visa, and a fee must be paid for this; of course, the fee will not be returned in any way.

    Mentioning a few points regarding Iran visa issuance for British citizens

    Suppose the person applies for an Iranian business visa or has a job. In that case, he will be invited for an interview by the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He must appear at the embassy at the specified time for the discussion. This case is rarely seen in the case of tourist visas.

    One of the essential documents that must be presented to the embassy is the applicant’s valid passport or passport. British citizens can use a 14-day Iran visa to travel to Chabahar, Kish, or Qeshm.

    It should be noted that presenting documents to the embassy will not be a reason for agreeing to issue a visa. Still, all English applicants can travel to Iran and stay there only with a residence permit.

    The responsibility for issuing the final Iran visa for British citizens rests with the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which means that the tourism agencies have taken responsibility for the matters related to obtaining a visa. Still, the relevant agencies will not bear any responsibility if your visa request is not approved. Will not take over.

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    Iran visa issuance conditions for British citizens

    Those people who, by obtaining a 14-day visa, decide to visit the accessible areas such as Qeshm and Kish islands, but during the trip, due to circumstances, want to see other cities in Iran should go to the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain a visa.

    get a visa Applicants under the age of 18 must have written permission from their parents.

    If you decide to visit the scenic areas of Iran and don’t have enough time to get an Iran tourist visa, you can apply for an airport visa.

    This visa is suitable for those who want to visit a series of Iranian tourist attractions. The airport visa will be sent within 4 to 7 days

    iran visa for british citizen

    Iran visa regulations for British citizens

    The first step to getting an Iran visa for British citizens is to complete the visa application form and send it.

    After checking the state, it will be determined whether your paper has been accepted or rejected.

    Complete it, but if your condition is approved, a code will be sent to you, which indicates that the applicant will not have any problem obtaining an Iran visa.

    In the next step, the submitted code must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and after that, a time will be determined for the interview. The applicant must appear at the embassy at the specified time and answer all the questions correctly within 3 to 7 days.

    Is to issue the original confirmation code; of course, depending on the type of visa requested, this time will vary; for example, it takes more time to receive the code related to the business visa.

    Iran visa types for British citizens

    iran visa for american citizen

    One of the most popular types of Iran visas for British citizen is the Iran tourist visa. By receiving a tourist visa, a British citizen can stay in Iran for 30 days and go sightseeing or visit his relatives.
    Another type of Iran visa for British citizen is a work visa. Getting a work visa is not easy. to get it, it must be determined which company the applicant wants to work in and in which position.

    To issue this visa, it must be determined what kind of business a person wants to travel to Iran for.

    It should be noted that the applicant must appear for an interview at the embassy and answer all the questions Getting long-term and multiple visas for a work visa can be very efficient.

    With this visa, a person can enter and leave Iran several times, and there will be no need to renew the visa.

    The role of citizenship in Iran visa issuance for British citizens In other words, if the applicant’s parents are Iranian, the person can quickly obtain Iranian citizenship.

    Those who want to enter Iran through marriage with an Iranian person and get Iranian citizenship can apply for Iranian citizenship if their marriage is real.

    Issuing an Iran visa for British citizen is not very difficult, and if you get help from our experts and consultants, you will get a good result. They will guide you regarding visa issuance.