Yazd and Tabas regions, Heavens in middle of nowhere

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Yazd and Tabas regions

We will see 3 main sites during this tour. Yazd, Kharanaq and Esfahak. All of them located in Yazd and Tabas regions.

Esfahak Village, time machine for past, present with a historical structure being untapped, Iran’s Esfahak Village works as a time machine for tourists. Esfahak Village in Tabas county, south Khorasan province. The main tourist attractions of the site is an old village, which was ruined in the 1978 Earthquake, in the vicinity of the new rural. After the quake, the village moved and built their houses next to the old village living it untapped.

Sitting in a remote valley about 70 km north of Yazd in Central Iran, is the deserted and crumbling mud-brick village of Kharanaq. The site has been occupied for approximately 4,000 years, while the dilapidated adobe buildings that draw foreigners from around the world date back around 1,000 years. The abandoned town is a photographer’s dream with a labyrinth of streets, tunnels, passageways, and rooms, as well as more impressive buildings such as a tiny mosque, a shaking minaret, and an old caravanserai that welcomed merchants and pilgrims centuries ago.
Kharanaq, which means ‘place of birth of the sun’, is divided into two parts – the Old Town, which is almost completely deserted, and the New Town, where some 130 families continue to live.
The Old Town was constructed with sun-baked mud bricks, forming one of the largest collections of adobe buildings in Iran. It was once a prosperous farming village, but when water supplies dried up the inhabitants left, leaving the town to turn to ruins.


  • Tour type: Creative Tours
  • Tour Duration: 5 Days


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Flight/Drive to Yazd. Visit some attractions of Yazd. Stay in hotel.

Visit other attractions of Yazd. Drive to Chak Chak and visit the Zoroastrian shrine. Drive to Kharanaq. Visit Kharanaq citadel. Stay in hoestay.

Drive to Tabas city. Visit Golshan Garden and Esfahak village. stay in hotel.

Drive to Valley of Ghosts. Walking through the valley. Visit the Ezmeyghan village. Drive to Jandaq village. Stay in homestay.

Drive to Tehran.

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From: €400,00



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