Why Iranatour?

  • Zhiwaar Started its professional activity in Inbound tour services under Iranatour brand, while having years of experience in arranging trips for foreign visitors. Statistics showed high satisfactions and our guests found their experience really distinct with us. Their valuable feedback encouraged us to try harder and put more energy in order to provide them with an unforgettable experience.
  • Zhiwaar travel agency team is almost young, full of energy, creative and disciplined with more than 100 years combined experience in travel services field. Our 10 years experience in operating Eco tours, cultural tours and creative tours in Iran and abroad, lead to our expertise in providing professional services. At the beginning, our firm concentrated on providing Eco and adventure tours and after a while started working on professional eco tours, trekking tours, mountain climbing, biking, swimming and Safari tours in the picturesque and unique nature of Iran.
  • Our staffs which are the main capital of our company are educated in different fields of art and science such as Sociology, Theater and Cinema, Music, History and Literature. They can provide you with special type of tours which are tailor made and customized based on your interest. What makes us distinct in the field is that we are quite flexible and can propose differentiated offers in case of items and Price.
  • Hospitality is our core value and we try our best to provide outstanding services for our guests who visit Iran, to make them feel the Iranian culture, and Iran’s unbelievable attractions. You can follow us in social networks. Contact us if you have any question or request.
Fatima Zaare’
IranaTour, Incoming Division Manager
Zhiwaar Travel Services