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Best deserts of Iran for travelling

If you want to spend a day or several days away from the hustle and bustle of cities and see days with clear blue skies and starry nights, deserts will be a good option for desert travellers or nature lovers. We suggest you experience an exciting trip with Irana Tour nature tours to create lasting memories with your companions. Since Iran is a hot and dry country, its corners have many desert plains. From Dasht Lut to Maran jab Aran and Bidgol desert, which has many fans among desert hikers, where you can experience the pleasure of walking on dunes. In the following, we will introduce you to a list of the best deserts in Iran.

Desert of Khur and Biabanak, One of the most spectacular deserts of Iran:

One of the best qualities of the desert is that it allows one to spend hours alone and watch the beauty of the dunes. Deserts with a broad view seem endless no matter what you look around. Khur and Biabank deserts are among the deserts of Iran, where you can see such pictures. Among the other positive points that Khur and Biabank deserts have are the recreational tourist attractions. Namak Khur lake and Iraj village are among the tourist attractions of this region, each of which has given exceptional beauty to this desert. (The Salt Lake is the world’s seasonal Salt Lake, and the Village of Iraj is also 4 thousand years old.) To reach this beautiful desert, you must go from Qom Road towards Kashan and, after passing through Kashan, Nayin, and Anark, get to Khur. From there, you can go to the desert by observing the signs and be guided to the camp area.

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Khur and Biabanak

Desert of Abuzeydabad

The beautiful dunes and strange peace of this desert will give you a good feeling, and if you plan to stay in it, it will double the pleasure of your trip. Also, there is Abuzeydabad Caravanserai near the desert, which you can visit and learn more about the architecture of the Safavid era of the caravanserai. Among the other tourist attractions that you can find near this caravanserai is the underground city known as the “underground city of Noosh Abad”.


Matin Abad Desert

Matin Abad desert has been known as one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran for several years. Every year, a massive flood of desert lovers go to this area to watch the shining stars in the silence of the night, experience a sense of peace in this desert night and create memorable and different moments with their friends. Many traditional residences have flourished in desert areas, and one of them is Matin Abad Eco Camp. In addition to an unforgettable stay, the experience of walking on slippery sands, riding camels, watching horses and ostriches, and observing the stars all this makes Create moments full of happy memories for yourself

Desert of Mesr

Many people who love nature travel decide to travel and watch the beauty of the desert as the air cools down and the desert climate becomes pleasant. One of these endless deserts is the mesr desert, located in a village called mesr Village. Touching the smooth and warm sand, you feel on your fingers will be one of the most memorable experiences ever. The only good part is not touching the warm sand. It would help if you did not forget the mesr desert nights, which have a different story altogether. On these desert nights, the celebration of the stars takes place, all you have to do is look at the sky, and you will never want to take your eyes off it.

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Desert of Mesr

Maranjab desert

Like any desert, you can see dunes and dunes in the Maranjab desert. Motorcycle riding, camel riding, and even off-road are available there. But apart from the beauty of this desert and its exciting activities, you should not miss watching the tourist attractions around the Maranjab desert. Maranjab Caravanserai is one of the places that await you in this desert. The old castle and caravanserai were built by the order of Shah Abbas. This old caravanserai has many Maranjabi travellers these days, and they spend the night to stay there. Salt Lake is another attraction of the Maranjab desert that we suggest you don’t forget to visit.

Maranjab desert

Zardgah Desert

Iran’s deserts are not few; the Zardgah desert is one of the other deserts of our country, which is a function of the Dihok district in Tabas city, South Khurasan province of Iran. What makes it different from other deserts in Iran is the greenness of the Zardgah desert because there are groves in the desert village of Zardgah. Other attractions of this Village and Zardgah desert are the orange, tangerine, lemon, orange and date trees. You can even use the hot spring around Zardgah village and dip in the water.

The best dessert of Yazd

As we said, it has been several years since the desert tour has become popular among nature friends. Their destination, in addition to the deserts we mentioned above, also includes the deserts of Yazd. Among the most famous deserts in Yazd, which have many fans, we can say the Caracal Desert, Rig Zarin or Mughstan Desert, Eqda Desert, Daranjir Desert or Bafaq Desert, and Haft Sang Desert.

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If you have not experienced a trip to the desert before or would like to travel to the deserts of Iran in the form of desert tours and a group, pick up the phone and talk to our colleagues in the Iran tour department.

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