intresting travel-tips

Intresting travel tips

  • Travelling can improve problem-solving skills and increase creativity. During the trip, you experience new sounds, smells, tastes, languages, and landscapes that suit your brain and nervous system.
  • Research shows that heart attack probability is much lower in women who travel at least twice a year.
  • The probability of death is 20 per cent more, and the likelihood of heart attack is 30 per cent more in Men who don’t travel at least once a year.
  • Although losing your passport or missing a flight can be stressful, in general, travelling reduces stress.
  • Because travelling separates people from their cultural habits and improves their sense of connection with different people.


  • All EU countries legally have at least four weeks of paid vacation per year.
  • The United States of America is the only developed country where paid vacation is not mandatory.
  • The World’s largest hotel, also known as the First World Hotel, is in Malaysia. A hotel with 7351 rooms!
  •  The second largest hotel in the World is built in Las Vegas, known as the palazzo at the Venetian resort has 7117 rooms and more than 40 restaurants total.
  • An international Company named “Pack up + Go” does not tell their customers about their travel destination and somehow surprises them.
  • They Research their customers and choose a travelling destination based on their personalities.
  • The money we spend on a trip makes us happier than the money we spend on goods.


  • Introverted people are more likely to choose a trip to the mountains on their vacations, while extroverted people are more likely to select beaches.
  • Although it seems the doors of the World are open for travel, it is still impossible to enter and travel to some areas. Google’s data center (02codenamed project), the ADX Florence prison, considered the most secure prison in America, and the fort for keeping bullion tanks, are among these areas.
  • The desire for travel can be genetic. It’s possible that this desire can be traced to the travel gene or the wandering gene. This gene, which causes people to be more curious and impatient, is connected with the amount of dopamine in the brain.
  • Couples who travel together tend to have stronger connections. Naturally, humans are more bound when they need another person’s honesty in travelling in different conditions and situations.
  • In 2007, more than 4 billion people took a trip by commercial aeroplane.
  • Chinese New Year is recorded as the most travelled time. More than 385 million Chinese people go home for vacations.
  • The most extended travel duration is from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Los Angeles in California, which takes 17 hours.
  • A typical jet motor has more power than 70 thousand horse powers.
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travel tips

  • Jet lag is more difficult when you are travelling from west to east because when you travel from west to east, days get shorter, and since our sleep and wake cycle gets more than 24 hours, travelling from east to west makes our day longer, and our brain adapts to it more easily.
  • During the peak of airline traffic, which usually happens on Friday from 2 to 4 p.m. in august or July, more than 16 thousand aero planes across the globe take flight.
  • Most travels in America happen on Thanksgiving Day. About 51 million people travel to their homes on this day.
  • The biggest public gathering of the year happens on arbaeen in Iraq. Two times bigger than the hajj tradition in Makkah.
  • The Shortest flight is between Vestry and papa vestry in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, which is only 1.7 miles long and takes about 47 seconds.
  • The most travelled city in the World is not Paris; Bangkok in Thailand ranks first among the most visited cities in the World with more than 20 million international tourists. London ranks second with 20 million global and the third place is owned by Paris with more than 16 million international tourists. Dubai (16 million travelers), Singapore(13.45 million travelers), Tokyo(12.5 million travelers), Seoul(12.44 million travelers), New York(12.4 million travelers), Kuala Lumpur(12.1 million Travelers) and Hong Kong(9.25 million travelers) are the following most visited Cities.

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