Touristic and exciting areas of Shiraz

Touristic and exciting areas of Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the historic cities of Fars State and has gorgeous, heavenly weather and the scent of Citrus aurantium. Touristic sites of Shiraz are among the most visited tourist areas of Iran. Follow us through this article to have a journey to the heavenly city of Fars.

1-Narenjestan Qavam Garden

Narenjestan Garden is a relic from the Qajar era and has a historical theme. Tall trees and colorful flowers make every side of this Garden spectacular. This collection is adorned with seven arts of plastering, tile work, traditional painting, mirror work, sculpture, mosaic work and carving.

Narenjestan Qavam Garden

Watching a complete collection of traditional Iranian architectural arts is one feature of visiting Narenjestan Qavam Garden.

In Narenjestan Qavam Garden’s collection, there are items of Excavations and research trips of “professor Pope”, one of the Iranologists by Iranologists named American.

2- Afif Abad Garden, Enjoying the art of flower decoration

Afif Abad Garden is one of the oldest gardens of Shiraz and was built during Naseroddin Shah Qajar‘s reign. The architect of this two-floor mansion used Sassanid, Achaemenes and Qajarian styles. This mansion has a lot of similarities to the Shiraz Eram Garden’s building and has a big porch with stone columns in its front that faces the rectangular pool of the Garden.

Afif Abad Garden

Iranian architecture’s unique decorations and wooden doors are some of the visual traits of Shiraz Afif Abad Garden’s mansion.

3- Delgosha Garden, the first Kolah Farangi structure in Iran

Delgosha Garden is the oldest of the Heavenly gardens in Shiraz touristic places and is located in the Saadieh neighbourhood. Saadi Tomb’s aqueduct water, also known as “Gazaran” aqueduct water, reaches Delgosha Garden and supplies this Garden.

In addition to the scents and colors of plants and flowers, there is a three-floor mansion visible inside that is the first Kolah Farangi structure in Iran. There are walnut, orange, Cypress, pine trees, etc……planted in this Garden.

Delgosha Garden

The Kolah Farangi mansion of Delgosha Garden is one of the architectural masterpieces in the historical sites of Shiraz which is adorned with art such as mirroring, plastering, painting and carving on wooden doors. An essential part of this luxurious mansion is the enormous hall with four thrones decorated with absolute beauty and the jewel to the crown of Delgosha Garden.

Nowadays Kolah Farangi Building has become a historical museum to display items such as ancient coins, a collection of historic stamps, dishes, old bikes, a group of radios of different generations, etc.

4-Bagh Nazar Museum, a relic of the Zandieh era

Bagh Nazar, also known as “Pars Museum”, is one of the tourist sites of Shiraz that is a relic of Zandieh’s reign and is the Tomb of Karim Khan Zand.

The oldest museum of Fars state, “Moozeh Pars”, is in Bagh Nazar. This octagonal structure was built by order of Karim Khan Zand for holding ceremonies when foreign ranks visit the country, and it’s one of Shiraz’s essential sites for this reason.

It’s been 80 years since this place was introduced as a museum among the tourist sites of Shiraz, and nowadays, this museum has a collection of Ancient coins, stamps, metal objects, pottery and dishes, etc.

Bagh Nazar Museum

Royal Garden, Vakil Tomb, Shahzade Garden and Bagh Mooze are other names of Bagh Nazar that are attributed to this place in different eras. The Kolah Farangi structure of the Garden was built Octagonal, and all sections of the old mansion, such as the throne and earring room, are made in it. Brick decorations, tiling, painting, Moqrans, etc., are some of the arts used to decorate most parts and halls of the mansion.

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One of the spectacular and adventurous parts of this Garden is the Vakil Abad Tomb. With its Marble tombstone, this Tomb is the resting place of Karim Khan Zand.

5-Eram Garden, on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Eram Garden is one of the Shiraz tourist sites and an example of an extraordinary Iranian garden registered in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The green trees of Shiraz and the main building’s architectural attractiveness are among the traits of Shiraz Eram Garden.

Eram Garden

The main mansion of Eram Garden is an architectural masterpiece, and it is impossible to overlook the elegance of the art and tiling and its colorful visage. This three-floured building is built with inspiration from the history of Zandieh and Saffavid and has spectacular decorations. Tiling, plastering, painting, stone columns, wood carved doors, etc., are among the decorations made in the design of the Eram Garden building in Shiraz.

Don’t forget to visit the Noor Sea stone and gem museum in the mains mansion to see a valuable collection of all kinds of jewels in one of the most beautiful places of Shiraz.

6-Jahan Nama Garden- another one of Shiraz’s touristic sites

This beautiful Garden is in the neighbourhood of Hafez Tomb, and the distance is about a15 minutes walk. The artistic carvings on the tree trunk at the entrance welcome you.

Jahan Nama Garden

Jahan Nama Garden Style is executed the same as Bagh Nazar Garden; The mansion is located at the center of the Garden, and four alleys or “chahar bagh” are located around the building with rows of grown trees and water springs along them. Nowadays, Inside of the Jahan Nama mansion is used as a museum.

7-Khajovi Kermani Tomb, near the Qur’an Gate

Near the Shiraz Qur’an Gate, you can visit the Tomb of the famous Iranian poet Khajovi Kermani. This Tomb is located at the hillside of Sabavi Mountain, at the heart of a green garden and this place is also known as “Khosh Gharihe” for this reason.

Inside the Khajovi Kermani Tomb, you’ll see a tombstone with two short stone columns upside and downside. They also built the stone statue of this poet In the “Khajo” Tomb and made this place more beautiful. Another attraction of Khajo Garden is the caves that are located near the Tomb.

Khajovi Kermani Tomb

Khajovi Kermani spent a lot of time praying in this cave and cleansing his soul. The carving of the battle of “Rostam” versus lion and the figure of Fath Ali Shah and his sons are visible on the walls of this cave.

8- Nasir-Al Mulk Mosque, a colorful spiritual world

Colored glasses and glazed tiling made the Nasir-Al Mulk Mosque one of the unique mosques of Iran, and each year attracts waves of Iran and foreign visitors to itself. The pink color in the tiling gives it a special effect, so this Mosque is also known as the “Pink Mosque” in Iran.

This Mosque is located in the Gud Araban neighbourhood, and like other old structures of Iran, it guides you to the yard through an octagonal hallway. The unique part of this Mosque is the Shabestan, which is adorned with Colored glasses, Colorful tiles and delicate Mogharnas.

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Another unique trait of Nasir-Al Mulk Mosque is that it has no dome.

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Nasir-Al Mulk Mosque

9- Hafezieh- The eternal home of “Lesan al- Ghaib”

Hafez is the certificate of Shiraz, and the name and fame of this city are tangled with this great Iranian poet. Hafezieh or Hafez Tomb is the cemetery of “Lasan-al Ghaib”, and visiting Shiraz is only completed when you go to Hafezieh. Hafez Tomb has seen many changes and restorations during different times, but the current structure of this Tomb belongs to the Pahlavi era. It was built on the design of a French archaeologist and architect named “Andre Godard”.

The construction of Hafezieh was only possible due to the support of the Ministry of Education, one of the political and literary figures of that time named “Ali Asghar Hekmat” and to this day, this structure has been the memorial of this great Iranian poet in the city of poem and literature, Shiraz.


The beauty of the tiling, using poems of Hafez in this structure and the beautiful tall stone columns are among the traits of this Tomb.

10- Saadiyeh, Tomb of the master of speech

Shiraz is the city of poetry and politesse and is the resting place of another talented Iranian poet. This spectacular Tomb, with a design from “Mohsen Forooghi”, is inspired by exceptional Iranian architecture and is in a neighbourhood with Delgosha Garden.


11. Qur’an Gate, Shiraz’s Welcome

Visiting Shiraz attractions begins with Qur’an Gate, and this historic site welcomes all from the city’s northeast. Qur’an Gate is one of the remains of Shiraz Gates built in the reign of “Azad Doula Dilmi”, kinglet of the “Al Boyeh” dynasty. It is said that a Qur’an was placed at the top of this gate by the kinglet’s order so that citizens and passengers be under the protection of god when they pass under the holy words of the Qur’an.

With the restoration of the structure in the times of Karim Khan Zand, two Qur’ans were placed in the room on top of the gate. The artist writes words from The Qur’ans of the calligraphy of one of the princes of the Timurid Family named “Sultan Ibrahim bin Shahrukh Timuri” Nowadays, these precious Qur’ans are being kept in the collection of Historical monuments of the Pars Museum.

Qur’an Gate

12- Shahcheragh, the Shiraz’s Holy Peace

Shahcheragh is the shrine of the brothers of the eighth Imam of Shiites, Reza (A.S.), which is why this shrine is highly valued among the citizens of Shiraz and its passengers.

You’ll see the original Islamic and Iranian architects in Shahcheragh and enjoy the elegance of the art of tiling and mirrors of this building.


13- Vakil Mosque, One of Shiraz’s tourist sites

Vakil Mosque, also known as Soltani Mosque, is one of the historical sites among the attractions of Shiraz, and it has been standing since the Zandiyeh era until today.

Colorful tiling, the roof’s curve and 48 stone and spiral columns of Shabestan make this Mosque a unique and spectacular building.

14- Vakil Bathhouse, Unique miniatures

Among the building that is built by the order of Karim Khan in the Zandiyeh era, Vakil Bathhouse is a masterpiece of ancient Iranian architecture art. It is very famous among the attractions of Shiraz. Karim Khan Zand had a bold rule in the development of Shiraz, and many historical sites that we see today in Shiraz are the result of the reign of this king.

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Vakil Bathhouse

15- Vakil Water Reservoir, adventure in water museum

The third building in the Vakil Collection of Shiraz, Made by order of Karim Khan Zand, is the Vakil Water Reservoir. Today, this precious Historical monument is a water museum and one of Shiraz’s sites.

In this Karim Khani water reservoir, you can see a replica of all kinds of historical water structures and learn about their ancient water engineering. A brick windmill is also on the top of this water reservoir decorated with Karim Khan Citadel Style. The combination of water stored in the pool made this windmill cooler on hot summer days.

16- Vakil Bazaar, history and trade

Vakil Bazaar Completes the Vakil collection in the center of Shiraz, near the Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bathhouse. This Bazaar is also built by order of Karim Khan Zand, and today, it is an important business center in the traditional texture of Shiraz.

17- Zaint al-Mulk House, a Qajarian Building in Shiraz

You’ll find another tourist site of Shiraz in Lotfoali Khan Zand St, near the Narenjestan. Zaint al-Mulk House is a relic of the Qajarian reign that is built with unique traditional architecture.

Zaint al-Mulk House

This House was built with the support of “Ali Mohammad Khan Qawam al-Mulk II” in 1873 in the west section of Narenjestan Garden and finally completed by “Mohammad Reza Khan Qawam al-Mulk III” in 1885. Zaint al-Mulk, the daughter of Qawam al-Mulk IV, used to live here, and this monument is named after her.

18- Karim Khan Citadel, resident of the Zandiyeh royal family

Karim Khan Citadel is one of the most important historical monuments of Shiraz that still carries the beauty of the Interior architect of the Zandiyeh era in this city. This historical site was the residence of the Zandiyeh royal family in the Zandiyeh era, and now it is registered in the list of National Heritages.

The exciting thing about the Karim Khan Citadel is the combination of residential building architecture with military architecture. Sections such as porches, rooms, gardens and fountains bring out the residential part. Still, on the other side, four tall scout bridges that protect the castle in four directions and a tall brick wall all around the court make the citadel a military headquarters.

The bathroom of the citadel is one of the interesting sections of this building that is built with the Iranian traditional bathhouse style and contains a locker room, platforms, pool, treasury, etc.

Karim Khan Citadel

19-Khan School

This building was built in Shah Abbas Saffavid Time and is considered one of the education centers of that era.

Khan School is built with the support of “Allahwardi Khani Gurji“, the governor of Fars State during the Saffavid era and with his son’s participation. Jurisprudence and philosophy were the main lessons in this scientific center, and “Mulla Sadra“, an Iranian Muslim Philosopher, was used to teach in this school at the invitation of Allahwardi Khani Gurji. Literature, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, geometry, geology, and botany are other important scientific subjects that were taught in Khan School in addition to jurisprudence.

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