Toranj Beach Hotel

Toranj Beach Hotel, the first hotel on the water in Kish

Toranj Hotel in Kish is the first hotel on the water in Iran, which was built with a unique design on the waters of the Persian Gulf in 1394 (2015). This hotel is located in the northwest of Kish Island in a pristine ecosystem area and has two parts, the first of which is designed on the water and the second is located on the island’s beach. Toranj Beach Hotel, with its different architecture and the most modern facilities, welcomes the dear guests of the Kish tour in a pristine and pleasant area to create memorable and enjoyable moments for your special guests.

There are 100 suites in the 5-star Toranj sea hotel of Kish, all of which are built on the sea and have a glass floor that the guest can see the sea floor from inside the room and spend pleasant and dreamy moments there on the private balcony. These suites are connected by an almost 1 km of wooden pier, and its final design from above has engraved the image of a paisley on the Persian Gulf. We remind you that all the rooms of the 5-star Toranj Hotel have a glass window on the floor and on the balcony, where you can easily enjoy the eye-catching beauty of the Persian Gulf and the golden sunrise and sunset of the island.


In the construction of Toranj Beach Hotel, all the necessary efforts and consultations of the structural engineer’s group have been made so that this hotel is environmentally friendly and causes the least amount of damage to the environment and welcomes all the precious guests. The geographical location and the unique and special construction of the 5-star Toranj Hotel in Kish have made the beautiful scenery in front of the guest’s eyes like a beautiful painting. Among these sunrise and sunset views, indescribable images of the sea, beautiful waves of the sea, the dance of fishes and turtles, corals, greenary, cosy and pleasant beach, etc.

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The construction of two artificial islands in Toraj Sea Hotel has been done to attract migratory birds and preserve the natural ecosystem of the place. To choose the right area for the construction of this sea hotel, a massive amount of research has been done around the beautiful island of Kish. The reason for choosing the northwest area is due to the uniformity of the sea level and the coast to about 1000 meters. The extreme level difference after 1000 meters in the sea and the creation of a natural breakwater have made this area immune to solid waves or storms.

Toranj Beach

The 5-star Toranj Hotel has a variety of restaurants, a lobby and a beautiful beach bar, leaving your hands free to choose where to serve a delicious meal. In the meantime, while staying at Toranj Kish Hotel, in addition to having a unique trip and a fantastic stay for yourself, you can experience the pleasure of having breakfast in the middle of the waters of the Persian Gulf at the Taj Restaurant of Toranj Hotel. In this restaurant, while having breakfast, you can see the unique sunset scenes in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf.

In the Taj Mahal restaurant of Toranj Kish Hotel, breakfast and dinner are mostly served as a buffet. Also, the large Khurshid restaurant, which is located on a glass floor, can be a good option for tasting breakfast in the middle of the waters of the Persian Gulf while watching the fish. You can benefit from self-service breakfast, afternoon buffet, and coffee shops by choosing this restaurant because the price list of Toranj Kish Hotel is arranged based on the guest’s requests in the menus of Khurshid and Taj Restaurants of Toranj.

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We suggest that you multiply the experience of spending your golden time on your trip to Kish by staying at Toranj Kish Hotel and putting the visit to its unique restaurants on your priority list because each of the 5-star Taranj Sea Hotel restaurants has its architecture and location. Primarily it provides you with the pleasant experience of serving a delicious meal in the only hotel on the water in Iran.

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