Iran tourist visa

Conditions for getting an Iranian tourist visa

Iranian tourist visa:

According to the new guidelines issued by the National Corona Headquarters, iran visa applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Having a negative Corona (PCR) test result approximately  96 hours before travel (for people over 12 years old)
  • Having a vaccination card for at least two doses
  • approval of the vaccine by Iranian authorities
  • The applicant should not be from a high-risk country, or their next destination should be somewhere other than the high-risk countries.

Required documents for Iranian tourist visa:

  • A scanned photo of the first page of the passport
  • Scan a 3×4 photo with a white background (preferably new)
  • Residence card scan (if the applicant’s passport and place of residence are different, for example, he/she wants to apply for a visa from Paris with an Afghan passport.)
  • Completing the form in the digital system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the personal information form prepared by the travel agency.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Itinerary, tour leader card, hotel voucher and plane ticket (only for Canadian, American and British citizens).

Iranian visa

Types of Iranian tourist visas:

Tourist visa through a travel agency:

Agencies licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can apply for Iranian visa applicants in the special panel of travel agencies. In this method, the application’s rejection possibility is minimized because the documents are prepared and reviewed by the agency. The travel agency is introduced as the applicant’s sponsor and host.

In this procedure, the agency receives the documents from the visa applicant and, after reviewing and solving possible problems, registers the visa application in the panel and finally obtains a tracking code. According to experience, requests registered by the agency are answered faster than personal requests.

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In this type of Iranian tourist visa, the agency receives a fee for visa application guidance and intermediating for the applicant.

Keep in mind agencies are only visa agents, and the primary authority for issuing Iranian visas is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iranian tourist visa

Tourist visa through the MFA website:

The applicant can personally apply for a visa through the MFA website. The applicants can register their visa application in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs system by entering the website After registering the application, the applicants must wait for their application to be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; after the application is accepted and the applicant has received an email from the Iranian visa system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they must head to the Iranian embassy or consulate in the country they chose at the time of applying. And after paying the visa issuance fee, get the final approval for the visa.

Keep in mind that if there is any minor problem with the submitted documents or registered information, there is a possibility that the application will be rejected.

Iranian VOA visa:

A visa on arrival is issued to travellers when the applicant enters the destination country through land, air or sea borders. This method has a lower cost than the in-advance visa, that is, the pre-arrival visa (the same as the previous two types); however, because Iran is highly sensitive to issuing visas, travellers often do not risk getting a visa upon arrival because if their visa If rejected, the cost of flight and hotel will be at their expense.

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Iran VOA tourist visa is issued at the following airports.

To get a VOA visa, the applicant must go to the Visa Issuance counter after getting off the plane and, after waiting in line, registering the application, and paying the fee in cash, wait for a few hours for the visa to be issued.

Conditions of tourist visa

CityAirportAirport Code
TehranImam Khomeini International AirportIKA
TehranMehrabad Airport (now used for domestic flights)THR
KishKish International AirportKIH
QeshmQeshm International AirportGSM
IsfahanIsfahan International AirportISF
ShirazShahid Dastgheyb International AirportSYZ
MashhadHashemi Nezhad International AirportMHD
TabrizShahid Madani International AirportTBZ
AhwazAhwaz International AirportAWZ
Bandar AbbasBandar Abbas International AirportBND
LarLar International AirportLRR
BushehrBushehr International AirportBUZ

Issuance of this visa has stopped since the corona epidemic, and there has yet to be news about Iran’s airport visa resumption.

Iran tourist visa validity period:

Validity of stay:

meaning the duration of stay of an individual with a visa. The validity of an Iran tourist visa is 30 days at most.

Validity of entry:

This means that after the final approval of the visa, the visa holder can use that visa to enter Iran for a few days. This period for a tourist visa is three months or 90 days.

Iran Tourist Visa Extension:

A tourist visa can be extended twice and each time for 30 days, but the entry validity period cannot be extended.

Iran tourist visa fee:

Iran tourist visa fee includes two parts:

Issuing fee:

This fee is received in cash at the Iranian embassy or consulate or the airport for the VOA visa, which varies according to the Iranian embassy or consulate in different countries and the applicant’s nationality.

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Tourist visa

 Barcode acquisition fee:

The travel agency charges a fee for consulting, reviewing documents, following up on the visa issuance process in person if necessary, and hosting the applicant as a barcode acquisition fee. Because Kite has a long history in the field of Iranian visas and works directly with many requests, it charges a lower price than other reputable agencies in Iran.

Keep in mind that some travel agencies that charge low fees are not licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and file the application in person, which increases the possibility of visa rejection.

Who cannot apply for Iran tourist visa?

  • Citizens of occupied Palestine (Israel)
  • People who have a recent trip to Israel.
  • Afghan nationals who live in Afghanistan.
  • Citizens of countries that have a very unfavourable economic situation. (usually African countries only)
  • Citizens of high-risk countries in the field of coronavirus
  • People who have had political activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Indian nationals are living in India.

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