Ali Sadr Cave

If you want to see the only wetland cave in the country and one of the largest water caves in the world, visit Ali Sadr Cave. This cave is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Hamadan, attracting many tourists yearly.

Also, if you are into boating, you can board a boat in Ali Sadr Cave, which has the longest boating route and watch lanterns, stones, and even sculptures of different shapes. These sculptures appeared over time due to the erosion of limestone, and their forms include two-headed lions, doves, eagle claws, etc. This million-year-old cave has many wonders and beauties and many winding corridors.

alisadr cave

A shelter and dam named Ghar Ali Sadr

This cave was used as a dam in the past; that’s why it is known as Ali Sadr and Ali Sad (sad means dam in Farsi). Even if you see the birth certificate of one of the residents of Ali Sadr, it is written and issued by Ali Sadr. But after some time, this village was named Ali Sadr. In addition to being used as a dam and reservoir to collect water, Alisadr Cave was also a place for the villagers to take refuge from the enemies in the past. A part of Ali Sadr Cave was not accessible in the past due to the high-water level throughout the year, but with the occurrence of an earthquake in the past years, the water level decreased, and the people of that area were able to travel in the cave.


Late discovery of Ali Sadr cave

The exciting thing is that the Alisadr cave, which is located 75 kilometres northwest of Hamadan, was known to the people of the village. Still, the rest of the people did not know about it, that’s why some cavers in the 40s searched in Alisadr, and the news about the discovery of the Alisadr cave was spread. This news caused many tourists and researchers to go to the cave in the heart of the Zagros mountains and the village of Alisadr. In order to make it possible to visit this cave, many measures have been taken, such as widening the cave entrance. Of course, it should be noted that the water and land routes outside the cave have been increased so that passengers can travel easily. This cave was registered as a natural heritage of Iran in 2008.

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When should we travel to Ali Sadr Cave?

During the spring and summer seasons, beautiful nature appears in Hamedan so that you can spend your new year and summer vacations in this city. Of course, if you want to visit Ali Sadr Cave, there is no time limit for you, and you can see it in all seasons due to the mild weather in the cave. Of course, remember that the air inside the cave, while moderate, has a certain coldness, and if you are sensitive to cold, it is better to have warm clothes with you.

ali sadr vave

Ali Sadr Cave with clear and odourless water

The water of this cave is apparent all year round, and its depth can be easily seen. The water’s depth is full of beautiful and unique stones that can surprise any tourist with all these charms. Also, the walls of this cave are covered with eye-catching stones and amazing sculptures. Although the cave’s water is located in a closed space and many people visit it, it is colourless and even odourless throughout the year. Also, the air in Ali Sadr’s cave is not polluted, and you can quickly go inside the cave and visit it.

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