Rudkhan Castle’s historical

Rudkhan Castle’s historical

Rudkhan Castle’s historical background

Rudkhan Castle, also known as Hazar Pelle Castle founded in 1830 by an Iran Expert and became famous as one of the strongest castles. Most refer to the date of construction of this building going back to the Sasanian era and the Arab attack and rebuilding of it back to the seljuq era. Because of the history of this place in 1350 AH, Rudkhan castle was registered in the list of national historical monuments.

A special feature of Rudkhan Castle

The existence of a forest, a mass of trees, and a river very close to this Castle made this Castle and area hard to infiltrate by enemies and is taken into consideration because of its strong defence. This Castle is placed at high altitudes, and to reach it, you must climb a lot of stairs, but you will understand the worth of climbing the time you enter the beautiful, mysterious fog of the Castle. So ready yourselves to climb 1620 stairs.


Path to reach Rudkhan castle

First, you must reach Rasht, go to Fuman city, and enter the Castle from Fuman road. After passing several villages, you’ll get to the Rudkhan castle. If you are lost, you can always find your way easily by asking the locals.

Notes to take before travelling to Rudkhan Castle

  • You should know that there will be 90 minutes of stair climbing.
  • It would help if you had suitable shoes, a lightweight backpack and appropriate snacks or food.
  • Have some cash with you; it is hard to find ATMs in that area.
  • Be sure to have enough sleep the night before, and if your kids don’t like climbing, don’t take them with you on this trip.
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Attractions of Rudkhan Castle

Besides Stunning Nature, the Village of The Rudkhan Castle has a castle with the same name and an entrance gate, Shah Neshin citadel, Qurkhaneh and Scout towers that attract tourists yearly. There is also a local Market (Bazaar) that attracts many visitors.


The Castle’s entrance gate

After you climb all the stairs and have a little rest, you’ll reach the entrance of the Castle. Before your eyes, there will be a big wooden door 3 meters tall. Above this wooden door and entrance gate is the Castle’s famous inscription, and the date of the Castle’s repair is engraved on it.

Shah Neshin Citadel

The essential Part of this building is The Shah Neshin citadel, which is built in the western Part with bricks. Shah Neshin Citadel was the residence of the ruler. The Citadel is 200 meters far from the Castle’s entrance. This Part of the building consists of three parts, Upper Part, the below Part and a terrace.


Originally this place was used for Accommodation and military activities; this place is located in the eastern Part of the Castle and has 12 entries, a prison, an emergency exit door, a bathroom, a water reservoir, a guard house and a resting place for senior soldiers.


The Scout Towers

Scout towers surround Rudkhan Castle. This Castle has 40 scout towers that are octagonal shaped from the inside. Dome-shaped roofs of the buildings kept soldiers’ shelter from rain, snow and wind.

The Rudkhan castle’s Market (Bazaar)

Before climbing to the Rudkhan castle, you’ll see a local market and be mesmerised by this small bazaar’s beautiful colours. You can get anything from this market if you need anything to rise and continue your path. You can even have a complete meal in this bazaar and continue your climb with total energy.

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There are few amenities when you reach the Castle, and the only thing you’ll have access to is a water spring, so check everything before climbing.

Rudkhan Castle’s historical.

Interesting facts about Rudkhan Castle

Some researchers believe that no enemies could conquer this solid fortress for this day. Maybe this was because of scout towers and the high protection of this Castle. This Castle was built from suitable quality materials, but some parts got demolished over time. Maybe other reasons for its stability and endurance have been hidden like secrets.

Vegetation and fauna of the village of Rudkhan Castle

Between the green forests of Fuman, there is a beautiful mountain home to many animals and plants. In these forests live different plants that are considered extinct in other parts of the world. Trees like Blandmazo and The Bible tree are examples of these plants. Among the animals in this area, we can name Coyotes, foxes, brown bears and boars.

Be aware of these animals’ habitats when you visit this particular area.

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