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Souvenirs of Isfahan

Isfahan, or half of the world, is considered one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Iran. Every year, many tourists travel to this city and bring different items to their country and home as souvenirs. For all travelers who plan to travel to Isfahan city, it is very important to check the most important Souvenir of Isfahan. In general, we can divide the souvenirs available in the city of Isfahan into two main categories, namely Isfahan edible souvenirs and Isfahan handicrafts souvenirs. Each of these models has a series of special features and you can specially use them. Today we are going to talk to you about the most important types of Isfahan souvenirs. So stay with us and this article until the end.

souvenir of isfahan

Edible souvenirs of Isfahan

Let’s start our work with a detailed review of the food Souvenirs of Isfahan. Many delicious foods are produced in the city of Isfahan. The sweets produced in this city have many special features and you can safely use them in different situations. Sweets produced in this city are not only extremely delicious but can also affect different parts of your body and health. This issue has caused many people to show great interest in them.

Gaz is the first edible Souvenir of Isfahan. Statistics have shown that Isfahan is one of the largest producers of Gaz in all of Iran. Isfahani confectioners are well familiar with the important points in the production of Gaz and are ready to produce the strongest models of this product. Keep in mind that the yards in Isfahan can have different categories and sub-categories. Flour, light, cut, chocolate, and flavor are among the most common models of this product. Every year, more than 650 thousand tons of netting are produced in Isfahan.

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Nabat and Polaki are the second Edible souvenirs of Isfahan. Candied fruit is considered an important product that is sold all over Iran. But the plants produced in Isfahan city have special characteristics. The people of Isfahan use a series of special spices and flavoring materials to produce various types of vegetables and chips. This food is extremely delicious and can be consumed raw or mixed. It is interesting to know that the people of Isfahan themselves show great interest in Polaki and Nabat and use them in their daily life. If you consume this substance with a tea drink, you can enjoy its wonderful taste.

Isfahan handicrafts souvenirs

Apart from buying food as a souvenir, you can safely buy souvenirs of Isfahan handicrafts when you plan to visit Isfahan city. Handicrafts are one of the most important souvenirs of Isfahan city. Isfahan handicrafts have certain key features and can be sold in various sub-categories and models in the market. Remember that every year a large number of tourists from all over the world travel to this city just to buy and use souvenirs of Isfahan handicrafts. As a result, if you are looking for a suitable gift for your family from Isfahan, you can safely use handicrafts.


Khatam Kari is considered the first Souvenir of Isfahan crafts. The first versions of Khatam Kari date back to the time of the Safavid kings. The art of inlaying is considered one of the most important arts that are extremely popular. The origin of this art is related to the city of Shiraz, but currently, the people of Isfahan are more active and experienced in its production than the rest of Iran. Watches, boxes, key holders, and various objects are among the items that will be produced using inlay methods.

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Enamel work is considered the second Souvenir of Isfahan handicrafts. Enamel is used to decorate dishes. Using enameling techniques, masters in this field can easily produce beautiful and high-quality dishes. Keep in mind that enamel works for copper, metal, and glass containers. The use of diverse and attractive colors has made enamel work very popular around the world.

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