A ramble in the Carpet Museum: A mirror to the history and life of different Iranian people

By a ramble in the Carpet Museum, you find out that it’s the most incredible venue to learn about the rich history of Persian carpets. Discover a wealth of Persian rugs from around the world in this fascinating exhibition. Look at the design; the knots, treads, and hues tell a different narrative. If you acquire an iran visa, you can visit this magnificent museum and many other attractions in Tehran and Iran.

A ramble in the Carpet Museum: History and Architecture

Queen Farah Pahlavi, who ruled Iran until the 1979 revolution, created the museum’s design. Pahlavi was well known for her enthusiastic support and involvement in Iran’s cultural scene. Abdol-Aziz Farmanfarmaian is the architect responsible for the museum’s design. The odd appearance of the building’s exterior has a hidden meaning; it should evoke a carpet loom. The museum’s inside walls are shaded from the scorching rays of the sun, which is the second, more practical purpose it fulfills.

ramble in the Carpet Museum

In February 1976, the first group of visitors enjoyed a ramble in the Carpet Museum. Its primary goals were to preserve the skill of carpet weaving and to collect and display the finest examples of this art form from around the country and throughout history. The museum has quickly become a popular destination for art historians, weavers, and everyone interested in the history of weaving. In the museum’s lobby, you can see a map marking the locations of famous weaving cities in Iran, such as Kerman and Tabriz. The museum occasionally hosts a Persian carpet weaver, who sits at a loom to show curious onlookers how to make a carpet. The museum displays carpets and a wide variety of weaving implements, natural rug coloring supplies, and threads for visitors to see and feel.

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The Interior of Iran’s Carpet Museum

The museum’s permanent carpet collection is on display on the first level. They house temporary or changing exhibits on the museum’s second floor. About 200 rugs from the museum’s permanent collection are on display. Early on, the museum only had a few rugs on display, but that number has grown substantially. So many exquisite rugs and carpets, some of which are pretty rare, may be found in the museum’s collection. Some of these carpets are from some of the most renowned weaving centers in the country. These priceless rugs have been produced since the ninth century and are still used today.

ramble in the Carpet Museum

After a ramble in the Carpet Museum, you’ll see there’s much more than Persian carpets

After a ramble in the Carpet Museum, you’ll see the Iranian Carpet Museum in Tehran is more than simply a stunning collection of antique rugs; it is also committed to preserving the art and history of these priceless Persian imports. The museum library houses hundreds of volumes written in Farsi, English, German, French, and Arabic, among other languages. Essential and unique works on Persian carpets are gathered here. Books on religion, art, and literature are also in the library’s collection. Academics and students can view and study them and be appreciated by art enthusiasts, and we can even purchase some works from the bookstore next door.

ramble in the Carpet Museum

The museum not only houses a priceless library but also provides several educational opportunities for visitors. With the goal of preserving the skill of rug and kilim weaving, these courses cover topics such as how to weave a carpet, the symbolism behind different carpet patterns, and even how to fix a worn Persian carpet. They give a certificate to those who accomplish these programs. The museum also offers a public carpet restoration and repair business to satisfy the needs of carpet collectors. After a day of perusing carpets and artifacts, museum-goers will surely appreciate a cup of tea in the museum’s tea shop. In the spirit of classic Iranian cafes, they invited guests to take their time and enjoy the atmosphere while they take in some new knowledge.

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The Iranian Carpet Museum in Tehran has a rich history, and its impressive collection continues to awe and amaze tourists. If you are planning for an iran tour, make sure you visit this magnificent place and have a ramble in the Carpet Museum.

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