Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is a combination of knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and indigenous experiences of people in different cultures, whether or not it could be described. It is used in health and the prevention, diagnosis, improvement, or treatment of physical and mental disorders.

Traditional medicine has still remained in many parts of the world. Some of them are acupuncture in China, mucus medicine in Iran, shamanism in America, and Ayurvedic medicine in India.

In Iranian medicine, medications are derived from nature and are used not only for treatment but also for prevention of many diseases.

Herbal tea is a kind of herbal medicines which are daily used as a drink. These drinks are obtained from dried and chopped herbs brewed in water and are often served with sweets such as honey or candy.

The most common herbal teas in Iran are as follows:

Borage and lavender herbal tea:

These two herbs are often brewed with each other. In some parts of Iran, a dried lime is also added to these herbs in the teapot in order to have a better flavor. The most important benefit of this herbal tea is that it is relaxing and hypnotic and it stops obsessions.

Rose herbal tea:

Rose is brewed alone or sometimes with black tea. The most important benefits of this herbal tea include relieving the abdomen flatulence, removing malodor breath, removing constipation, increasing body resistance against cold, increasing sexual desire, and treatment of depression.

Chamomile herbal tea

This herbal tea is prepared from chamomile flowers and is served with honey or candy. The most important benefits of this herbal tea include strengthening the stomach, strengthening the nerves, removing insomnia, strengthening hair, increasing sexual desire, and treatment of migraine.
Citrus aurantium herbal tea

The drink is obtained from orange tree blossoms in the spring. The most important benefits are insomnia treatment, soothing the nerves, and strengthening the heart.

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In summer, these medicinal herbs are used as cool extracts. This means that these herbs are boiled in big pots and the resulted steam is gathered and cooled. While taking herbal extracts, they are served with cold water and sap.

Some of these herbal syrups are as follows:

Chicory syrup

The benefits of this juice include reducing body temperature in hot summer days, cleansing liver and kidney, being diuretic, and removing acnes.

Sisymbrium irio syrup

This drink is sometimes served with lemon, rosewater or both. Its main benefits include removing constipation, improving digestion, and preventing heatstroke.

Sekanjabin syrup with cucumber

This syrup is prepared by combining water, sekanjabin, and a little grated cucumber. Its most important benefit is preventing heatstroke and quenching thirst in the hot summer days.

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