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Central Desert of Iran

MesrBayazeh and Garme are villages located in the southern part of the central desert of Iran, which deserve more attention.

Mesr village

In fact, Mesr Village is one of the amazing natural attractions, especially for those who enjoy trekking through the rough but beautiful terrain of a desert.
Despite being far away from the other spotlight of tourism in Iran, it gets quite many visitors during the year, half of which are foreigners.
Mesr is an oasis located in the central desert of Iran known as Dashte-Kavir in Persian. The central mountain ranges of Iran, which cross the desert, are close by.
Mesr is best known for its unique sand hills and an amazing bamboo field.
The sand hills around the village are known as thrones since the strong winds have formed peculiar and attractive shapes.
Takht-e Aroos and Takh-e Abbasi are among the most famous hills in the area. From the top of each sand throne, you get an amazing view of the village and the desert.

Bayazeh village
An ancient castle with 700 rooms is one of the attractions named after the desert village Bayazeh in Khor-Biabanak, a city located 400 km from Isfahan.
Bayazeh has numerous natural attractions, including palm trees, a salt lake and sandy hills.
Bayazeh Castle, with an antiquity of thousands of years, is designed in several stories. It has a double-storied basement.
Earlier, there was a trench surrounding the castle, the high walls of which protected the castle from the attacks of thieves and plunderers. Even villagers used to keep their assets inside the castle several decades ago.
Bayazeh historical castle dates back to the Sassanid Era.
Walking in the desert refreshes the soul of every tourist. After passing through the palm trees, visitors come across a salt lake that has an enchanting ambience.

The villages in the central desert are one of the favorite features of ecotourism visited by many Iranian and foreign eco-tourists every year.


  • Tour Name: Central Desert of Iran
  • Type: Eco tour
  • Duration: 3 days


  • 3 meals per day
  • Accommodation in high-rated Hotels, mostly 4 stars in Double rooms
  • All luggage transfers
  • Private Car
  • English Language Tour Guide
  • Authorization letter
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fee
  • Tip for guide and/or driver
  • Entrance fee


Drive to Mesr Village through the one of the most amazing road in Iran. Stay in a homestay.

Trekking between the sand hills of Mesr village. Watching the clear ski and enjoy the stars during the night. Stay in a homestay.

Drive to Garme village. Enjoy the attractions in Garme. Drive to Bayazeh. Visit the ancient castle of Bayazeh. Drive back to Mesr. Stay in a homestay.

Drive to Naein city. visit the one of the oldest mosque in Iran. Drive to Tehran.

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