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The Grand Bazaar is an old historical market in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It has some main corridors and some derivative corridors over 10 km in length, each specializing in different types of goods. In most historical cities in Iran, Bazaar is one of the most important elements in urban design, because the connection between all the prominent structures, such as schools, mosques, public bathrooms is in fact Bazaar , which was also the heart of trades in cities , and also most of the significant social and royal events were happening in Bazaars.

Also, Golestan Palace is a prominent architectural element in Tehran ,located in the neighborhood of Bazaar. It tells the story of several kings and dynasties ruling in Tehran and has lots of interesting buildings such as “shams al emare” . Moreover it can remind us the birth story of Tehran.

Tour Details

Start Golestan Palace & Grand Bazaar guided Tour from “15th Khordad” subway station at 9:30 am

Walking Tour through the significant corridors in Bazaar

Visiting the old traditional occupations and productions

Learn about the historical events which took place here

Visiting The Golestan Palace (outdoors,in the campus) & its prominent building “shams al emare”

End of the Tour at 13:30

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