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Geology enthusiasts will especially fall in love with Badab-e Surt. Located in the Mazandaran province, the name comes from a combination of bâd, wind, âb, water, and surt, the old name of the village of Orost located 7 kilometers to the west. Although there are a handful of similar places on earth, such as Mammoth Hot Spring in the U.S. and Pamukkale in Turkey, Badab-e Surt is unique due to its distinctive orange hue, resulting from a concentration of iron oxide.

This Travertine terrace sits at 1,840 meters (6,040 feet) above sea level and is the culmination of thousands of years of limestone deposited by water flowing from two mineral hot springs, which are thought to have medicinal properties on account of their high mineral content. As water reaches the surface, carbon dioxide degasses, depositing mineral carbonate. Because the heavier minerals settle at the top of the steps, the water becomes clearer as it flows down, turning this site into a dreamy, sky-reflecting staircase of mirrors that shifts colors depending on the time of day the sunlight glistens upon it.

Tour type: Eco

Tour Duration: 1 day


Tour Details

Start Orost Village and Badab-e Surt Tour at 5 am from Vanak sq.

Breakfast in a restutant (buffet)

Start guided tour for 3 hours.

Arrive in a high open space, having some free times for resting & photography

Making Tea on Fire

Return to Tehran before 10 pm

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