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The Jews of Iran

The history of the presence of Jews in Iran dates back more than three thousand years ago, and the forced emigration of Jews from Israel to Assyria, Babylon, and the western and central parts of Iran has strengthened the presence of Jews in Iran for several consecutive periods. Jews have been active in the cultural life of Iran and they have an Iranian identity.

Walking along the Jewish Quarter, in addition to visiting the active synagogues of the Oudlajan neighborhood, Mullah Hannisa and Hadash (the first Jewish synagogue), we will study the history of the life of the Jews in Iran, and visit the old baths of the Sulaimaniyah (the first modern Jewish bath).
We will depict what is not there today, and we will try to blur the image of the Jews neighborhood altogether. We will chat with the guests from the Iranian Association of Iranian Jews and we will complete the information and image of our minds.

Tour Details
Day 1

Start the Tour from  “Imam Khomeini” subway station at 9:30 am.

Walking Tour through the oldest neighborhood of Tehran which was the first habitat of Jews in Tehran.

Visiting the historical valleys & buildings including the FIRST Synagogue & the FIRST Bank in Tehran.

Learn about the social stratification living in this neighborhood.

Learn about the fascinating historical events that took place here and the recent trend.


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