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Persian calligraphy and traditional music of Iran are both prominent arts throughout Persian history, which are worldwide well known and also  traditional musical system of Iran were officially registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The traditional music of Iran is a message, a call from the artist’s heart which is deeply intertwined with Iran’s age-old history and culture. It is an expression of the joys, loves, sorrows, efforts and struggles, all the many victories and defeats that Iranians have experienced over the millennia and it  may be interesting for other people around the world to hear these stories through this art. Persian calligraphy is the calligraphy of the Persian writing system. It has also a lot of story to tell.

The point is that both of these arts have a deep relationship with Persian poetry. Traditional musicians try to sing these poems and calligraphers try to write these poems as their artworks. What other arts can be more appropriate to preach these beautiful poems.

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Start Traditional Music and Persian Calligraphy tour from “Tajrish” subway station at 9:00 am

Visiting Iran museum of music

Visiting the workshop of musical instrument

Visiting the Iran Calligraphers Association

Experiencing calligraphy workshop

End of the Tour at 13:00

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