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I started with an iPhone 4, a few years back. Linux updates have caused me far more problems, especially with kernel updates causing drivers to no longer be supported (really, getting working wireless drivers can be one of the absolute worst parts about Linux if you have the wrong card) and I have on more than one occasion managed to break Linux to the point of not booting up through updates resulting in me having to do a complete reinstall. Be more aggressive at migrating Apple TV app to other platforms (e.g., Chromecast, Playstation, Xbox, older smart TVs). Or join a school program (potentially, even community college) and get an educational discount on one. Given the sales of previous iPhone models, it is clear that the success of the iPhone 4 is no fluke. First of all, they work for the visual beauty of their products more than anyone. In addition, the message app(and iMessage) are things I cannot live without. There are some subreddits to connect players for heists and missions and also subreddits for game mods. In this case, it's a combination of how effectively they communicate their product, coupled with delivering consistently on that product. Apple customer service is the gold standard - I have always come away pleased with their help and support. Wearing Hijab in Adult Movies In a number of clips, Mia Khalifa was seen wearing Hijab while performing a sexual act. AppleCare+ is amazing for peace of mind. Apple is emerging as a gentler, cuddlier corporate citizen in the year after the death of CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs. Here are 5 reasons why she is so popular 1. Once I got over the shock (new OS, different way of working, lack of DE choices, etc) I settled in quickly and never looked back. Because you sound dumb af, [–]guiltydoggy 24 points25 points26 points 4 years ago (2 children). I think what makes them appear popular is that 1) their customers really like them and speak highly of them as a company; 2) they know how to manage their brand; and 3) they control more aspects of the user experience (hardware, software, services) than other companies, and that helps them ensure they offer the best experience. Yes, they are expensive compared to bottom-of-the-barrel products and compared to a cheap $500 Windows laptop, but the quality doesn't even come close. [–]readitINreddit 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago (0 children). Apple's success shows that many people think Apple's products are built better and work better and more enjoyably than their competitor's products, and are willing to pay a premium for that. BIG NUMBER ONE: Inferior knowledge of technology. I don't get kicked over to India if I want support... and they usually understand when I tell them I did steps A, B and C already. Apple CEO Explains Why Apple's Products Are So Expensive (Sort Of) FILE - In this Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012, file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks following an introduction of the new iPhone 5 in San Francisco. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 9592 on r2-app-0e2730131250406fe at 2020-12-23 00:09:04.993724+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: NL. Oh you have an important call or text you have send? You are lazy at making arguments, with all due respect. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The last straw was when Ubuntu foisted Unity on the masses. This means that you're not necessarily locked into IE, Office, a Zune, or other Microsoft products if you want to expand your experience. Sometimes if you have the programming skill, you can go in yourself and fix this all up, but if you're not a super-coder then you're kinda fucked. Drops 1500mg Cbd Oil Vape Inc. CBD Searches. Why are Apple products so popular? To start the list of what people rave about, the overall look of the iPhone already speaks for itself. In doing so, makes it its this refined Biology of the human Body to the benefit, by Application this already established Processes. They focus on creating a better design and user experience, from the minute production details to the whole … For one, you're always guaranteed a certain quality of hardware. The major con I would say that all Apple products are so expensive, and you get other devices for half or three-fourths of the cost, which does exactly the same as you want it to do. Remember, Microsoft is more about looking good on paper than they are in practice. I have a 6 year old MacBook Pro, I have run it hard every single day for professional use and despite a few issues (Apple repaired and covered cost) it still runs strong, is a pleasure to use everyday and doesn't owe me a penny anymore. Developers don't have to worry about the guy with an overclocked AMD K6 processor with a shitload of RAM and a massive heat sink trying to convince his processor it can run Win7. React focuses on the user interface portion of a web application only. Like to program in C++? Any time I have ever had a problem, Apple has fixed the issue relatively hassle-free and within a very reasonable amount of time. Hell yes. As someone who uses both Windows and Apple, I can tell you that the reason that Apple Computers are so much more expensive is because Apple has created a product that is desirable enough that people are willing to pay extra for it. People are using it to stay connected with friends and family, but at the same time, researchers are … No, they are not overpriced. They all run Photoshop. Event submissions must be a comment in the weekly stickied megathread, or will be removed. Compare Apple to Nokia. Probably more than I care to admit. [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago (0 children). Reddit has managed to build a community in a time were its basic concept seemed much more original and appealing. Software updates break the OS or various apps that you're using. Like running scripts to do menial tasks (like renaming MP3 files)? When you compare GTA 5 RP Reddit with other subreddits, you may notice that most other subreddits are related to game glitches, cheats, or easy money-making methods. Nothing goes so high in such a short period of time without any controversy. Others like the tight integration between hardware/software as well as between products (iOS - macOS). Everybody here is getting in the corner of Apple. But if you have a computer that does X and Y, it will forever be able to do X and Y in linux, even if it's not good enough to do Z. Idk if this helps but I'm definitely not using an Apple phone to be on a bandwagon. formfactor. tl;dr Design and user experience has been the determining factor for why Apple is so popular currently. I don't understand why are people worshipping Apple's trendy products, while in reality, Apple's policys are twisted and the products are way overpriced compared to their features. For the record, yes, I had a hard time justifying spending $1600 on a new iMac. What matter is compare the apps in Apple App Store and Google Store, we spent more than 90% of our time on apps which could have more or less features than another. The way they've handled the transitions and animations for all the actions you can take makes the interface fun and enjoyable to use on an emotional level. If you want a particular feature that comes at a price as well. That is where our innate attraction comes from. The complex truth is that entrepreneurs often create businesses because they want to augment the core benefit with further, or distinct values. You'll know how to manage it and fix it when it goes wrong. High-grade aluminum with extraordinarily low tolerances used in a unibody, hence a more sturdy and seamless housing. Adding apt resources can be more convoluted than just going to the website and downloading the app. Very good question. They weren't seen favorably by the populace, and only a minority of people sought out Apple products. That's unreal. What makes UPPAbaby so popular? Give up one thing, get another. They focus on creating a better design and user experience, from the minute production details to the whole system itself, and it goes to show that good design sells. [–]Coach_Popovich -2 points-1 points0 points 4 years ago (4 children), lmao but you still avoided the question. Centering around the macbook and competing products, if you stripped away all the housing, interface, and supporting infrastructure to just focus on technological specs, each company would be hard-pressed to outcompete the others (especially price-wise). Quite literally. The only reason I know this is because I was woken to a stream of early morning WhatsApp messages from a friend who was stood queuing in line with 200 other people, waiting to get his hands on the new phone. Why is React so popular? [–]autonomousgerm 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago (1 child), I'm a UNIX person, so I appreciate the UNIX subsystem. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All of these things have long been neglected by the Windows and Android people (they're catching up though). Side question: how old are you? 6 year old MacBooks in good condition resale for 40-60% of original MSRP. Menus are simplified and the user interface is intuitive. Apple CEO Explains Why Apple's Products Are So Expensive (Sort Of) FILE - In this Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012, file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks following an introduction of the new iPhone 5 in San Francisco. Windows and other devices just listen to how many complaints or problems you get. This is called the Augmented Product. Thank you very much for your considered reply, this is the type of response I was hoping for! I have bought Apple stuff since then also the iPhone is godsend I don't need to explain to my relatives how to make a phone call every damn deployments, [–]Letsgo1 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago (0 children). These belong in the beta subreddits listed below. Finally, for mobile, I go with Android for the full Google integration, since I use Google Apps. You're locked in, meaning your options for upgrading are limited to a couple of minor features and then paying up the yin-yang to get essentially a new system. As humans we survive by judging and choosing things by face value. I don't bother managing my music anymore, and honestly, as long as I can listen to it, I don't very much care. Because all PCs/Macs provide the core benefit—computing. Also, because the Apple ecosystem takes the management out of my hand and I have come to rely on it. As more and more vendors have been embracing linux it's been getting better. And as you said, they do simple well. I really don't understand. Make Apple TV+ more stand out and easier to access on the Apple TV app. So the non retina Macbook pro is worth its price? I just recently bought an iMac for my wife and I. I did this for a couple reasons: My wife is a photographer. I personally like how different Apple products are connected to each other. Software side: Interface of hardware vs. software is phenomenal, meaning that bugs and glitches are minimal, and when they do crop up they usually affect all users and therefore get more attention from the support teams. I think there are a lot of things that come into play. THANK YOU, I can't believe it took this thread this long to realize this is the real answer. With Apple, you're guaranteed a certain level of quality in all their models, including their low-end ones. They actually have a smaller market share in most markets. Elon Musk on Twitter — Confirms Tesla once tried to reach out to Apple to discuss a buyout. So therefore if you listen out for the snare (loud, often like a cymbal sound, clap) every time you've counted out two of those is a bar. Customer satisfaction. As a developers, Swift programming is just happen to release 2 years ago that went open source to the public and Swift 3 release a month ago, it will take time to catch up where apps can improve reliability, productivity, user experience and performance. This is coupled with a neutral and minimal design aimed to create the least amount of interference with the user's interaction with the screen. Last edited: Apr 10, 2016 boast The No. Aero in 7 is far prettier than OS X (it sucked in Vista). While Photoshop, Ableton, Serato, and even iTunes (Apple-made software, you'll note) are primarily used on Macs, they all have Windows versions to support the mass amounts of users out there. All the time think and get a inaccurate Image regarding the Ways and means to make, is not of need. Sure, if you were to piece together an acer system with comparable specs, it would be a lot cheaper. Have you compared the build quality of a high end Windows laptop to a MacBook Pro? I think they make great products. Mostly because it's hype/trend. The game literally had an average of 15 concurrent viewers for October 2019 and now it sits at 180k … User experience: iTunes Match and, yes Apple Music, is excellent. I work helpdesk in a pharmaceutical company and I've always kinda wondered why Macs were popular here. By comparison with other electronic products, the apple’s product is always the most aesthetic appearance of … Why do you think the non retina MacBook Pro negates my point? In all honesty, no one pays because they want an ipod, they pay because they want a device to connect to the convenience of itunes/itunes store. If going for a laptop, I grab a cheap netbook, because when am I going to need that kind of power on the fly since I no longer develop/design? ( I had to constantly wipe the device from time to time, as well as replace the battery a few times within 2 years. When it comes to the interface both in osx and ios, there's a minute atention to detail that creates a very visceral feel to the actions you take. I've found that in the computationally intensive sciences, a lot of people do use linux boxes (usually redhat for some end user support) for computationally intensive tasks, but use mac laptops for controllers (via ssh) and for everything else (LaTeX, making presentations in either PP/Keynote/Illustrator, Word, papers/endnote, etc...), This set up works really well for me, except when i need to windows only software like ArcGIS. Best deal of a laptop ever. This all lends itself to an even more stable environment... One big issue with other manufacturers is that there are far too many choices. So sorry for the blabber if you see it as such, but this to me is why Apple has seen such success from their products as opposed to other companies. So, actually they are not that popular. One-size-fits-all is a huge selling point when most of the userbase doesn't really understand what they want and/or need. Apple can live without China having the new iPhone 6 for a month or two but the subscriber base is so large that it needs to be selling there in a few months. The touchpad is such a great thing to have on a mobile laptop. Never used it ever since. From my experience — those who choose Apple products fit the following: 1. I've never come across a problem in Open Source that, once it was fixed, came back again. Do you really believe the non-retina MacBook Pro is representative of my point/argument, and therefor invalid? Rendered by PID 9592 on r2-app-0e2730131250406fe at 2020-12-23 00:09:04.993724+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: NL. Top 5 Reasons Why Apps are Popular Every business now has an app created for them, whether it’s an online service like a shopping site or an offline service like taxi service. [–]wheeze_the_juice 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago (0 children). Check out this user-maintained wiki or ask in our dedicated sister sub /r/AppleWhatShouldIBuy! A Kia and a BMW essentially perform the same task. I just bout the rMB in February and it just ties it all together and didn't have a chance to appreciation the evolution, everything just worked so I bought and old white MacBook(A1181) off of a dude on Facebook and it just worked too, I'm like no this thing must be a piece of shit in comparison but no I added 4gb of ram and it's running El Capitan just fine, runs amazing, I ended up giving it to my daughter as a gift and she loves it, the machine was clean as fuck and you have to realize that it was from 2006 and bought it for a mere 100 bucks. By "design" I mean beyond visual aesthetic, into how a product interacts with the user, integrates into their lives, and behaves within a system of other products. I've started using iPhones since the 5, and none have failed on me, and they run like champs even after years of use. A bar is made up of four beat's, a beat happens in an instance (where the ONE TWO THREE FOUR are) and there is space between the beats (where the ----). Generally makes itself why is CBD so popular reddit after a first Application fixable and in the period of a few Weeks can after the Manufacturer smaller Progress reached be. For everything else, I run Linux in Parallels which is an amazing product that integrates with your Mac setup. You have to consider their modern hardware, software, and entire cohesive ecosystem—especially their long-term software support, customer support, and store experience. Bundle with other Apple subscription services (e.g., get $15/month worth of Apple subscriptions, get Apple TV+ free). Yeah, that can take a while sometimes. No posts about bugs in beta software. Their user interface, design and user experience win in comparison to the competition, all this combined with the general 'it just works' mentality makes me prefer Apple over their competition for certain products. I have all of my standard tools out of the box, plus more from MacPorts. The unit consists of a single button that launches the display menu. I've never had an Apple product in my life, but I've noticed Apple has some successful sales from the iPods, iPhones to the MacBook. I've spent a fair amount of time on Reddit. Why the iPhone Is So Darn Popular ... Apple has sold more than 51 million iPhones since they hit the market in 2007, including 8.75 million in the most recent quarter. e.g. they just don't feel like they're in the same ballpark as far as hardware and overall design. Check out this user-maintained wiki for helpful tips! This principle of always staying ahead of the competition by designing and producing products that are to be released years into the future has set Apple apart fr… Lots of us folk use mac because most of our programming work is done on unix based systems, and we don't really have time to deal with tweaking a linux OS. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Welcome to r/Apple, the unofficial community for Apple news, rumors, and discussions. And longevitiy. Among Us is the latest super-mega hit to take Twitch by storm and this after the game has been out for two whole years with a June 2018 release date!But why is Among Us so popular now all of a sudden? Apple makes a teaser video and advertisement seminars before selling a product. That might be because you've never owned/used Apple, in the same way that I've never driven a Porsche, only driven basic cars so I'm naive to the experience of driving a $150,000 vehicle. Furthermore the OS experience is flawless. I've own an iPod Touch, which was okay until I got my first Android phone (crappy one). Software support/bugs/security fixes remain a consistent problem. Word of mouth is a big deal when purchasing a product that is unfamiliar, and listening to others who seem very happy with their purchase means that people will duly influenced. No posts that aren’t directly related to Apple or the Apple eco-system. It's a trick question and a trap argument. But are they overpriced? I think only Dell support has come close. After seeing threads and proof about how Arnold and Bryan Cranston(Heiseinberg in BB) visit Reddit and made threads there, it's made me wonder What exactly makes the site so popular?

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