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Twice she begs him to believe “I would never do that!” And of course as you said the “I’m going to be alone..” Claire Danes and Damian Lewis reprise their Homeland characters for a stylish spy-themed photoshoot in US Vogue But when someone is under the influence of something like this, there’s no accounting for moral decision making. Carrie blackmails Lockhart into promoting her to Bachman's former post as the CIA's Station Chief in Pakistan. But Carrie is his Achille’s heel and Brody is hers. In Washington, Lockhart permanently "recalls" Carrie from her post in Afghanistan. box, a hitman arrives, targeting Quinn, and a gunfight ensues in which Quinn is wounded. and back with my Brody girls. After learning that Dante is dead, Carrie has a psychotic break at the hospital. Save this story for later. Carrie accepts the job, but later tells her father and sister that she won't be taking the baby – a girl – with her to Istanbul. Nicholas Brody’s ‘shelf life had expired.’ Andrew Romano Updated Jul. Carrie stops Keane's vehicle from leaving, seconds before the decoy vehicle is destroyed. The team encounters Iraqi Police officers who recognize Brody and open fire on them. That night, Carrie is kidnapped and brought before Majid Javadi (Shaun Toub), an Iranian intelligence operative and one of the masterminds of the Langley attack. She is obsessively hunting down a terrorist named Abu Nazir, whom she suspects turned Nick Brody, an American prisoner of war, against his country. fictional character on the American television/drama thriller Homeland, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, Satellite Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama, TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Drama Actress, "Showtime's 'Homeland' skeptical of war on terror", "Golden Globe Awards TV winners: 'Homeland,' 'Modern Family,' 'Downton Abbey, "TCA 2012: Homeland, Louie Win Big at TCA Awards", "Why That 'Homeland' Character May Not Be Gone For Good", "Alex Gansa walks us through Homeland's first season (Part 1 of 4)", "Claire Danes, CIA Agent, Protects The 'Homeland, "Claire Danes on Playing a Bipolar CIA Agent in 'Homeland, "2011 TV season: Few smooth takeoffs, many bumpy arrivals", "Critic's Choice Award Winners 2012: 'Community,' 'Homeland' Win Big", "Emmys 2013: Claire Danes wins best actress in a drama",, Fictional Central Intelligence Agency personnel, Fictional characters with bipolar disorder, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 February 2021, at 18:58. He tells them of a secret code that would signal GRU Operator Yevgeny Gromov (Costa Ronin) to dissolve his forces. [63] Carrie and Quinn rush to Keane's headquarters, which has just received a bomb threat. Franklin nevertheless secures her release and persuades her to meet with Leland Bennett (Martin Donovan), a lawyer representing the Iranian bank that financed the Langley bombing. Carrie calls Brody to warn him, and pleads with him to come with her to safety. Yet, it was the sparkling hint of more. Brody does not get close enough to Akbari to inject him with cyanide as planned, putting the mission in jeopardy. Carrie appears at Brody's house and pleads with his daughter, Dana (Morgan Saylor), to contact her father and stop him from carrying out the attack. The advent of cell phones and caller ID certainly added a cool trick for the most talented actors to hone to great affect: that pause, that brief breathless stillness and incremental change in the eyes, revealing whose name must be on that little cellular screen. Bennett makes a deal with Carrie: his clients will protect her from further reprisals in exchange for intelligence on the CIA's inner workings. In return for her apologies, Brody spews some nastiness about her taking that special initiative in her job, to fuck someone she suspects of terrorism. Nothing like a Claire Danes and Damian Lewis make-out session to heat up things on the east coast! Carrie Mathison and Peter Quinn’s marriage. She can’t stay away….there is no rhyme or reason to it. Quinn smuggles Carrie and Keane out of the building in his car and sacrifices his life to save them when a special ops team, answering to Adal, opens fire on them. Carrie tries to apologize to Brody, but he rebuffs her and goes back to his family. Allison panics and goes to her handler, Ivan Krupin (Mark Ivanir), which allows the CIA to put her under arrest. However, the meet ends in disaster when Walker detonates a briefcase bomb carried by a double, killing al-Zahrani and three bystanders. See, this isn’t a strengthening, empowering love. She appears before a hospital committee to ask for her release, which her father and sister attend. Carrie, suspicious of Brody's replies, orders the interviewer to ask if he has ever been unfaithful to his wife. Dante calls Carrie, who is picking up Franny from school early. Adal's team then drives her to the hospital. Why would she put Brody in a situation where he needs to give his wife an explanation? [4], Ten months after her reassignment, Carrie attends an emergency staff meeting and learns that Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), a U.S. Marine sergeant, has been rescued after eight years in terrorist captivity. After a pursuit by a Lebanese mob, Saul finds a hidden compartment in the satchel that it contains a memory card with Brody confessing to the aborted State Department bombing. [36], Meanwhile, Dennis Boyd (Mark Moses), the husband of the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, breaks into Carrie's apartment and photographs her medication and family photos. She was in that bar and now on his lawn because she can’t stay away. The next morning, at 6am, Carrie calls him from outside his house. After Quinn drops off his "proof" of Carrie's death in the P.O. Interestingly, Dana Brody’s return to Homeland season 6 might take the burden off Quinn’s character. Later that night, she meets with Khan, who tells her that Boyd is working with the ISI. Carrie doesn’t want to hurt her but I don’t think she gives her much thought at all.Just as I’m sure she had no intention to break up David’s marriage. Düring essentially proposes to her, giving her a chance to co-head his Foundation. Very clever. But Carrie is his Achille’s heel and Brody … The hard drive is encrypted with a demand for a $5,000 payment in bitcoin. But why? She wants to give Brody the heads up that Walker is alive and that she wanted him to know before they release the info to the public, to tell him again that she was wrong, to apologize again, to implore him to not hate her. Black ops agent Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) orders her to stand down, but she ignores him and starts running toward the hotel. As it does, in real life. She then watches via drone as he meets with Haqqani, who produces Saul, bound and gagged, from his car. [21] In retaliation, Carrie leaks classified information to a reporter, leading Saul to have her temporarily committed to a mental hospital. It’s shown to us in that powerful closing shot. She is then formally committed. 'Homeland' Recap Season 3, Episode 9: Brody And Carrie Reunite, But Not For Long By Youyoung Lee and Aaron Timms Spoiler Alert: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 3, Episode 9 of Showtime's "Homeland," titled "One Last Time." [6], When her FISA warrant expires, Carrie takes to making personal contact with Brody instead. While bathing Frannie, Carrie is momentarily tempted to drown her. This was not supposed to happen. Brody says "no", beating the polygraph. The meeting falls apart when Dante refuses to testify in court, and frays her relationship with Maggie, who is angry that Carrie put Josie in danger. With the discovery of Nick, she believes he is the POW in question and that he plans to carry … There is no indication in anything we’ve seen on screen that she intends to hurt anyone. [7] Brody asks Carrie to have a drink with him one night, culminating in a drunken sexual encounter in Carrie's car. Why should Carrie be the one to protect Brody from his wife? Carrie and Brody say goodbye as he ships out for Tehran. Meanwhile, Carrie learns that she is pregnant. Later, Carrie draws a star on the wall for Brody after a memorial ceremony for the victims of the Langley attack. Homeland creator Alex Gansa dissects the shocking season finale and explains why Sgt. Ha! [68] The A.V. [5], The investigation into Walker leads Carrie and Saul to Mansour al-Zahrani (Ramsey Faragallah), a Saudi diplomat who acts as Nazir's intermediary. Carrie is a CIA officer who, while on assignment in Iraq, learned from a CIA asset that an American prisoner of war had been turned by al-Qaeda. He and Saul negotiate Carrie's release in a prisoner exchange; after months without being medicated, however, Carrie is barely lucid and doesn't even recognize Saul. Carrie has her doubts, however, and meets with Saul to discuss the matter; the two of them figure out that Dante is in fact a Russian agent and had orchestrated the entire affair in order to bring down Keane. Soon after, he learns that Quinn kidnapped his son and then released him as a ploy to draw Carrie out. But like Carrie said: “whether together or apart…I believe the reason I was put on this earth was for our paths to cross”. Carrie is reluctant to do so, as that would ruin Saul's career, but ultimately agrees that it is the best course of action. Carrie meets with a contact named Behruz (Mousa Kraish), who tells her that she, not Düring, was the target of the attack. After promising Quinn to "stay the fuck back," Carrie insists on doing a ride-by, which reveals that Brody and Roya have been joined by … That “different Brody”, he of the “Get in” line shows up. “Homeland” is a thriller, but this episode suggests it’s also always been a sort of deeply twisted romance about the impossibly entangled emotional and political ties between Carrie and Brody. Whatever Carrie did or didn’t do, she never treated Brody like a child. [25], During questioning, Javadi says that one of Nazir's men detonated the Langley bomb, and that Brody had nothing to do with it. As Carrie prepares for a custody hearing, Saul asks her to lead an operation in Russia to exfiltrate Martin, but she refuses. Desperate to identify her, Carrie posts a screen capture of the woman on 4chan, asking if anyone can identify her. When they tell her to begin taking lithium again, she flies into a rage and has to be forcibly medicated and restrained. Visiting an angry-looking Carrie in hospital, where she's still recovering from her gunshot wound, Saul convinces her to persuade Brody, who's being weaned off his substance addiction in a special ops safehouse in Virginia via a scary combination of ibogaine and tough love, to accept the mission of traveling into Tehran and knocking off the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Dar Adal - the mastermind of the attack - exploits the situation by telling Children's Protective Services (CPS) that Carrie put Frannie in danger, in order to drive Carrie over the edge and discredit her in Keane's eyes. Wonderful story as always, I just started looking at Homeland, and I’m at this episode, as always Damian is awesome, and he does wonderful things with his eyes! She also sees her estranged mother (Victoria Clark), and finds out that she has a half-brother. Sure enough, Gromov's men arrive to kill them, but Carrie dupes them by disguising herself as Martin and leading them away while the real Martin escapes. So, yeah, she doesn’t want him hurt. Â That got through to Carrie, who realized they had all been lulled into a false sense of security after Nazir’s death. [15], During her interrogation of Brody, Carrie catches him by surprise by admitting that she wanted him to leave his family to be with her. Nicholas Brody’s ‘shelf life had expired.’ Andrew Romano Updated Jul. That includes trying to preserve his marriage and family. Gromov wants Carrie to film a confession video stating that Martin was a CIA operative and that the U.S. orchestrated everything, while threatening to withhold her medication if she doesn't cooperate. "—but nonetheless, I didn't see either tryst coming. Whether he tells his wife about it is between him and his wife. The eyelocks and frowns tell you this, and they also tell you that they are both powerless against it happening. || Brody + Carrie , on Fanpop and browse other Homeland videos. Carrie Mathison, an operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, had previously received information that an American POW had been turned. [42] Meanwhile, she receives a phone call from Maggie, who tells her that their father has died.

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