This museum is located near Yazd at Amir Chakhmaq Square, representing a valuable history of water. The museum building has been constructed in one of the traditional Yazd houses called Kolahduzha.

In Iranian desert areas, particularly the city of Yazd, water has always been an important issue. These areas have been in constant battle with nature so as to obtain this vital substance. They innovated a solution to water shortage by digging canals and aqueducts, which created job and inventions such as water clock, legends and many stories about it.

The water museum building has been constructed on the passage of an aqueduct, where there is a water reservoir visited and viewed up until today. The museum contains 200 historical objects from whatever related to water. For example, there are a variety of clothes and how to use them, water clocks, food containers to store water, a variety of historical documents on the dedicated aqueducts or the public instructions for how to use them.

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